National Thrombosis Week | 1st – 6th May 2017| Prevention & Protection from Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)

Emma Godfrey

I'm 26 but was 23 at the time of my P.E I'm female and my P.E came from a DVT. I had an arthoroscopy in my right knee to remove a body in 2013 and about a week after surgery I went to the GP unit at Grimsby hospital because I was worried I had a DVT the doctor gave very poor care he just squeezed my leg at point of pain and said I had cramp which at the time was fine by me but then 2 days after that I passed out at home and as a precaution called an ambulance as I still couldn't move my leg much following the operation.

At the hospital the doctor on A&E was amazing with all my obs done he suspected a PE straight away and my mum told him about the appointment for the DVT so I was sent to a ward and like you they told my mum it's unlikely I would make it through the night however my age was on my side.

The next day I was sent to coronary care unit because the left ventricle of my heart was severely dialated I received great care on there but because my PE refused to budge or break I had to be thrombolised that was quite scary anyway after a few weeks on coronary care I was discharged on life long warfarin which iv now changed to rivaroxoban as its easier but following the PE IV loads of problems I now take bisoprolol life long and have had to undergo an angiogram which was my worst nightmare as I have a massive phobia of veins (strange I know haha) and I'm still under a cardiologist trying to figure out why I get so much pain and breathlessness even when just sat down it does effect everything because I have a 6year old child a very intense job (I work on an enhanced dementia ward) and anytime I get a chest infection it's soooo painful which just makes me really mad at the doctor who misdiagnosed the DVT this could all have been avoided had he just done the D-dimer blood test!