National Thrombosis Week | 1st – 6th May 2017| Prevention & Protection from Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)

Rob Sabor

I can't remember much about my first DVT, it was about 2006/7. I was a very active person, always doing something physical. One weekend I was home alone, so I thought I'd play on the computer at home, due to the weather being horrible anyway. I was engrossed in whatever I was doing on the computer it never crossed my mind to move around and keep well hydrated, I felt fine the first day but the second or third day I was getting pain in my right calf and back of the knee.

So off I went to the Dr on base and he sent me off for a scan, it came back positive for a DVT. I was always under the impression that it was associated with air travel not just sitting down playing a computer game. I was put on warfarin for a few months and told I was fine, it didn't affect me too much, I was medically downgraded for six months then back to normal. Until the next time.

At the end of 2014 I started to come down with a chest infection that I couldn't seem to get over and work was very stressful, leading up to my PE. Each time I went to the Dr's they said it was a chest infection, even had a sputum test that came back positive for infection. 2 courses of antibiotics later no improvement. The when I was at work, again under a lot of stress I had a coughing fit, and bringing up small amounts of pink in my phlegm. At this time I found it very difficult to walk any distance. The platform medic was the only one who had a small clue as to what was going on, he took my pulse blood pressure and oxygen sats, they were all within acceptable range. He also measured my calf’s, and my right one was larger but I told him that that calf always swells up. As far as the GP was concerned it was down to the chest infection then with a lot of luck, I was at home when I collapsed.

Leading up to that incident I had been immobile for about a week because I didn't have any energy. Very lethargic but no pain associated with DVT. I went for a bath to try and relax, but couldn't reduce my heart rate. I crawled out of the bath and crawled through to the bedroom thinking I was about to pass out, and I wouldn’t have far to fall, I came around to the sound of an ambulance coming. But I was very lucky that day. I'm 13 months post PE now, I have nearly got my panic attacks under control, starting to do more intense exercise, and back to work in a substantially less stressful job, and still a way to go.