National Thrombosis Week | 1st – 6th May 2017| Prevention & Protection from Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)

Each year Thrombosis UK hosts national awards to celebrate the dedication and commitment of so many individuals, teams and communities who work tirelessly to raise awareness of thrombosis and improve the prevention, detection, management and outcomes.

On 04 October, Thrombosis UK held the 2016 Scottish Patient Awards at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

The event was kindly sponsored and hosted by Donald Cameron MSP

Dr Catherine Calderwood, Scottish CMO
delivers congratulations address

// Harry Hall View Presentation (PDF)

Scottish Patient Day Awards - Gwyneth HallHarry has been a longtime fundraiser and Thrombosis UK supporter. Harry's wife Gwyneth sadly died on 1st September 2014 as a result of PE, despite the best efforts of health professionals to save her. Harry's family have a strong history of VTE and sadly it has also claimed the lives of Gwyneth's sister Madeleine together with her unborn baby; her father, The Rev. Wilbur Lavalette; her sister-in-law Sheila and almost claimed the life of their daughter Rosemary.

Harry has been instrumental in holding a variety of activities and events including a cruise aboard The Steamship Sir Walter Scott on Loch Katrine, in aid of Thrombosis UK and had raised almost £6,000 for us.

We are truly thankful to him and for the benefit his support is enabling.

// Michelle Parkins View Presentation (PDF)

Scottosh Patient Day Awards - Michelle Parkins Michelle held a fundraiser night to raise funds for the charity, but at the same time to raise awareness of blood clots. In early 2015 she was hospitalised for 5 days, with DVT and suspected PE. She has supported the charity and promoted greater awareness and understanding of thrombosis in her local area.

Fun, fundraising and involvement are the three key elements of Michelle's fundraising and in the process she has raised almost £1200.

// Daniel Mullan and Nick Dean View Presentation (PDF)

Scottish Patient Day Awards - Paul O'Donnell Held a 16 team football tournament and a fundraising night in memory of their friend Paul O'Donnell. Paul sadly passed away not less than 48 hours from returning home for a short period of time from Australia in July 2015.

The event not only raised £10,168 but along with the Facebook page has been an excellent way to raise awareness of this silent killer.

// Judith Murray View Presentation (PDF)

Scottish Patient Day Awards - Judith Murray Jude was literally only a baby when she suffered her first clot and has gone on to develop many more. However, that was not to stop this amazing lady. In 2015 she took on and completed a plethora of physical challenges to raise awareness of VTE and funds for our coffers. Jude has and continues to compete in some of the hardest physical contests, promoting Thrombosis UK and has raised over £2,000 to date.

// Stephanie Dick and Shona Jacob

Following the tragic loss of a close friend, Hazel Weir, in June 2011 aged just 35, Shona and Stephanie joined forces to help raise awareness of thrombosis and vital funds for TUK by undertaking the challenging Lairig Ghru walk in the Cairngorms which raised over £1100 in Hazel's memory.

// Bill and Krys Adams, and Claire Richardson

Amy was a young and active daughter and sister when she broke her ankle in March 2008 aged 26. Amy was given conflicting advice on what she should do following her lower limb immobilisation and sadly developed and succumbed to a PE as a result. In memory of Amy her parents, Bill and Krys, and sister, Claire annually fundraise and also work to improve awareness of thrombosis.

From their annual Race Night to "Amy's weekend" supported by friends, family and their local communities, through to bag packing at a local supermarket, runners in the Great North Run and Claire even asking for donations at her wedding, the family have supported Thrombosis UK for over eight years, increasing awareness and raising many thousands of pounds during that time.

// Team Rob James View Presentation (PDF)

Scottish Patient Day Awards - Rob JamesLead by Eileen Davidson, and supported by almost 60 friends, colleagues and family members to date 'Team Rob James' has raised over £21,000

In June 2013, Eileen’s beloved partner, Rob James, suddenly and unexpectedly succumbed to a pulmonary embolism. Rob was a very healthy young man who took great pride in his fitness as well as being an accomplished brewer, running his own business, the Deeside Brewery. He lived life to the full. He had recently taken up touch rugby and while playing for the Maersk Rugby Team Rob snapped his Achilles tendon, an everyday injury so everyone thought, but the ensuing tragic events proved otherwise.

Eileen and 'Team Rob James' work tirelessly to fund raise and to raise awareness of thrombosis. Initially, they undertook to run the Blenheim 10k, and raised several thousand pounds for Thrombosis UK as well as highlighting the fact that VTE can happen to anyone, of any age, at any time.

Scottish Patient Day Awards - Rob JamesHowever, Eileen, her family, and friends have since gone on to undertake many other fundraising events including three, 10k runs, four, half marathons, the 15 mile ILLUMINATOR winter night trail half marathon and a 10k obstacle c2urse called The Beast. To top this all off, they are also running the Edinburgh marathon in May 2017!

They continue to raise vital funds and awareness of VTE and we are so very grateful for the on-going support from Eileen and all of their friends and family.

// Team Charlene View Presentation (PDF)

Scottish Patient Day Awards - Team Charlene
  • James McCallum – West Coast 500 bike challenge raised over £13k
  • Gary Barnes - Edinburgh Marathon
  • Erin McLeod – Edinburgh Marathon

In 2015, Charlene Doolan, a young and healthy 36 year old woman, suffered a PE and tragically died. Her family and friends joined forces to raise awareness of how thrombosis can affect any one of any age, and in the process fundraise too. This amazing team took on the West Coast 500 challenge and in doing so raised over £13,000, completed the route in under 30 hours.. and broke a world record. They also undertook the Edinburgh Half Marathon 2016 raised over £8,000. Between them, they have raised an amazing £21,708.82p including gift Aid.

// Suzi Robertson

Having suffered multiple DVTS since her twenties when pregnant, Suzi became determined to raise awareness of thrombosis. Sharing her story publically, determined to help others, Suzi has supported Thrombosis UK through awareness events, media and events – even a gig, continuously for over eight years.

// Gordon McPherson View Presentation (PDF)

Scottish Patient Day Awards - Katie McPhersonWe wish to acknowledge the amazing contribution that Gordon has made to trying to improve healthcare around the prevention and diagnosis of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in Scotland.

Gordon's work was precipitated by the tragic death of his daughter, Katie in January 2003 due to pulmonary embolism, the diagnosis being missed by health professionals who saw her.

Gordon, being the person he is, demanded improved care from NHS Scotland so that situations such as his daughter's death would not happen again.

In 2006 Gordon succeeded in securing agreement from the Scottish Ombudsman that a patient information leaflet be sent to all GPs in Scotland. Thrombosis UK did this with Gordon. But he didn't stop there.

Gordon was in constant touch with his Scottish MSP and helped Lifeblood: the Thrombosis charity (our former name), to organise meetings with Scottish MSPs and tried to engage NHS Scotland to doing more around improving care of VTE.

Several times over the last few years he has said he will retire… but then he starts campaigning again and generates awareness through newspaper articles and stimulating MSPs to ask questions in the Scottish Parliament.

His latest, most welcome act was to personally organise a Freedom of Information Act about the prevention of VTE in Scottish hospitals and sent this to all Scottish Health Boards.

The responses received give us a clear picture of the need for continued campaigning for improved care of thrombosis across Scotland, and this is a priority for Thrombosis UK, working to support, facilitate and implement this.

We celebrate Gordon's dogged determination and ability to turn his grief into action. He has always been an ally and a good friend of Thrombosis UK. Prof Beverley Hunt has worked with him over all these years.

// Dr Julia Anderson View Presentation (PDF)

Consultant Haematologist, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and Haemophilia and Thrombosis Centre. Working as Consultant Haematologist at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Julia is Chair of the NHS Lothian Thrombosis Committee and has research interests in bleeding in the elderly, and acquired bleeding disorders. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists (UK), and continues to hold a part-time appointment as Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at McMaster University.

Dr Anderson was nominated for this award by patients, as one person explained: "I live outside the Edinburgh health board, however even with an already busy patient load Dr Anderson took on my care. In every aspect of my care Dr Anderson has gone beyond what is expected of a consultant. She has always been so kind and listened to me. It is very hard to sum up in a few sentences why I think she deserves special recognition but I will give you an example of what I mean. I clotted again back in February. I was currently on 12,500 units of dalteparin, which is sufficient for my weight. I was initially checked locally, and told that as I was on the correct amount of dalteparin that nothing more could be done and sent home. Dr Anderson then rang me at my home on a Saturday, while she was off work, from her home. She did not have to do this at all. Dr Anderson has her own family and life and was on her day off. However, showing such amazing patient care and thoughtfulness went beyond what was required of her.

"Dr Anderson wanted to have my anti xa levels checked to make sure that my blood was thin enough. It was arranged for me to attend at the Edinburgh hospital on the Sunday to be seen by one of Dr Anderson’s colleagues. My anti xa was in fact low and so the dalteparin was increased to avoid any further clotting. All of this because my healthcare professional had not only considered my individual care, but followed up and called me from her home on a Saturday.

"Prior to my care being transferred to Dr Anderson I had questioned the doctors as to the reason why I was still clotting through anticoagulants. I knew there was testing that could be done, however it is very difficult to do the thrombophilia screening while on anticoagulants.

"After a couple of appointments with Dr Anderson she had done the screening and found that I have factor V leiden and prothrombin gene mutation. These are both inherited disorders. As my dad is not alive my mum was tested and it was found that she has prothrombin. As a result the relevant information has been passed to family members so that they can choose whether to get tested ands awareness of thrombosis has been raised in the hopes that no one else in my family suffers from VTE."